Be your own Hero

Be your own Hero

Jag nämnde för några inlägg sedan att jag har hittat en sida med motivation. Här är ytterligare ett nytt klipp som jag rekomenderar.

Här är några favorit citat som nämns i videon;

– Don’t let nobody out talk you. Don’t let anybody tell you, that doors are shut.

– They not giving us success, but you can earn it, you can take it.

– Just because you failed, doesn’t make you a failure. And when life hits you, you gotta keep going, just don’t quit.

– You have to believe, that you can do something that nobody else is done. And somehow that concept has to become realty.

– You got greatness all inside you. But your problem is you’re soft. And every time it get hard, you quit and give up, and I’m telling you. If you be willing to fight your way through it, fight your way trough academic struggle, fight your way through divorce, fight your way through it. If it would be easy everyone would do it.

– Don’t know what it is…. it’s inside me but it’s a lot of determination, it’s a fire that just keeps burning.




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Trevlig dag.



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